Why Are Pillows So Important?


When good sleep becomes the exception as opposed to the norm, or when you wake up sore and stiff more often than you feel great, mattresses typically take the blame. They can often be part of the problem, as every body has its own set of comfort and support needs, and many people hang on to mattresses longer than they should.

However, pillows are often overlooked, despite their substantial importance in rest, support, and comfort.

A pillow has significant effect on the rest of the body by impacting the cervical area of the neck. A worn-out pillow, or one that’s a poor match for your sleeping style can have repercussions that last all day. Pillows that force the head too far forward or don’t elevate it enough cause stress on the muscles in the neck and back, which leads to stiffness and pain all day. Improper alignment from a pillow can radiate discomfort through your whole body.

And that’s only what happens to people who are fortunate enough to fall asleep in the first place. The wrong pillow can easily keep us from getting to sleep, which produces effects we feel throughout the day. Lack of sleep is a cumulative problem as well, and the more sleep you miss, the worse you’ll feel.

So the next time you start the blame game as to why you’re not getting the best sleep, pillows may be a smaller target, but they can easily be the right one as well. The best thing to do is to consider changing your pillows at The Foam Factory, perhaps trying memory foam or a latex pillow.


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