How to Bring your Bathroom into the 21st Century


It’s a universal truth known to estate agents that most houses sell on their kitchens and bathrooms. This is because the former is the centre of your ‘mini universe’; a place where you can cook, share stories, laugh with your family and friends; while the latter is about ‘me-time’ – a place to relax, distress and while away hours in the bath, reading and reflecting on life.

However, unfortunately there are quite a few bathrooms that don’t live up to such expectations. This is often due to wear and tear over time and the fact that some people don’t realise how much difference a few tweaks can make when it comes to ensuring your bathroom is a ‘selling point’. Here are a few tips from Robert Homes, an estate agents in Wimbledon as to how you can well and truly bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

The Shower

Nothing is more annoying than going into the shower and experiencing a trickle of water coming out of a rusty handle. This is especially irritating in winter, when it’s pretty cold to say the least. It can be one of the questions potential buyers ask too when they’re viewing your home – so it’s best not to be caught out with an insufficient shower head. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, some even having more than one head! Make sure you shop around and get yourself one of reasonable size – whether you’re selling or not, it’s always a bonus.

The ‘Theme’ of the Bathroom

It’s good to have a consistent theme in your bathroom, as it gives the impression that you’ve thought things out sufficiently and that you’re in tune with what’s ‘in vogue’.

If you don’t have a modern theme and your bathroom’s design is, say, circa 1990; this could put people off as it will look outdated and not very appealing (especially considering wood and flowery patterns were the look of this period). If you go for an art deco theme for example, you need to make sure that everything matches up well, from the fixtures and fittings, to the walls and the tiles.

The Bath

Now, the bath tub. Admittedly it’s pretty tough to simply rip it out if it’s fitted and replace it with a new one. However, do be aware that if you’re making any changes, it could be a great opportunity to choose a really attractive tub.

Stand alones can work if your bathroom’s big enough. The large the better, and if you can make it appealing to those who love to take long soaks in the tub, you could find your property getting snapped up faster than  you’d predicted.


When showing potential buyers around your property, make sure that you make your property look very pretty with the right accessories. Bathroom accessories like Mats, shelves, towels, mirrors and even clocks can add those extra touches that subconsciously trigger decisions to put in offers.

It’s important to make your bathroom look as homely as possible, possibly with a splash of luxury. It shouldn’t cost too much if you focus on the right things – and it’ll surely be worth it if it attracts more buyers to your home.


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