Creating a Luxurious Room That Plays With Your Senses




We as humans love to be in environments that play well with our senses. Though being in an environment that tastes good might conjure up dreams of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, there are plenty of ways that you can appeal to your senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smell.


This is by far the easiest of the senses to satisfy – you just need to choose decorations and interior furnishings that you find aesthetically pleasing! Everyone has their own style preferences when it comes to furniture design or colours. You might love the shapes and colours of mid-century modern furniture, or you might prefer to go with something a little more contemporary. Choose what speaks to you, and you will always have a space that looks luxurious to you. It can take you quite some time to correctly style the room and acquire the pieces that you want to see, but it will always be worth it in the long run.


Who would not want to be in an environment that feels amazing? You need to think carefully about the materials that you are using and how they feel to the touch. Even choosing something that you might not traditionally touch, such as a pleated lampshade, will add a fantastic level of texture that you will want to play off. Try to stick to natural materials where possible – silk, wool, wood, and even metal and polished concrete can work together beautifully in combination.


How does the room sound? It might be a factor that you do not notice, but it could be one of supreme importance. Are there loud traffic sounds that you will need to mitigate? Are there squeaky floorboards or pieces of furniture that you need to fix? In addition to thinking on how you can reduce sounds, you should also dedicate time to thinking about how you could add them in. A system of hidden surround sound speakers could create the perfect environment for a music lover to relax in – and home assistants can help to ensure that everything is activated on voice command.


Everyone wants to have a home that smells nice, that is a simple fact. Though you might not have pets or other factors that could disrupt a home’s scent, you still might not notice the presence of some odours if they creep up over time. Committing to opening windows and regular cleaning should help to dispel smells. Adding in bouquets of your favourite flowers, or a natural oil diffuser, could also help to eliminate smells to keep your home smelling beautiful.

A home should be a safe space, and that means that it should appeal to you and you alone. Think about some of the ways in which you can appeal to your senses. What would make them happiest? By playing to your own preferences, you can create an amazing space that you always feel at home and relaxed in, as it will be perfectly tailored to you.


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