Common Gardening Challenges and Solutions


Gardening can encourage you to relax and spend more time outdoors. You can step away from technology and focus on growing your own plants, while simultaneously reaping the health benefits.

However, gardening can be frustrating at times, and things rarely always go to plan. No need to give up as you can turn your garden into a colourful oasis with a little determination and a lot of weed killer. Persistent weeds and wilting plants can take the pep out of your gardening step. 

Let’s take a look at the most common issues gardeners face and how to overcome them. 


Every gardener has dealt with their fair share of weeds. They are relentless at times and can quickly take over your beautiful flower beds. The trick is to stay on top of them. When you see a weed, pluck it immediately. You need to remove the weeds before they have the chance to spread further. Bear in mind that, like most plants, sun and rain help weeds to thrive. 

To prevent future weeds, you can apply layers of mulch or spray vinegar over the planting area. Pour boiling water on any existing weeds to stop them from growing. 

Plants Wilting 

Every plant requires a different amount of water. Overwatering your plants can make the roots mouldy and underwatering them can cause wilting. It’s a difficult balance to find. Check the soil often in your garden and look out for dry patches. The surface layer may be moist, but it could be dry underneath. You need moist soil to keep your plants in optimum condition. 

You also need to monitor how much sunlight your plants get throughout the day. Too much sunlight can dry out the plants – and not enough can stop them from growing. Download the app, PlantSnap, to identify the different plants in your garden and whether they need more or less water. Read up on your individual plants and learn how to take care of them. 


Pests may be destroying the fruit and vegetables in your garden. Many gardeners deal with pests each year and struggle to protect their plants from them. You can use soapy water to kill the pests or plant insect-repelling plants to keep your garden pest-free. You could also use a cloche to protect the plants from bad weather and pests. 

Seeds Aren’t Sprouting

Seeds often just need a little more time to sprout. Gardening can teach you how to be patient and appreciate the long game. Your seeds won’t grow overnight – it can be months before you reap the benefits of your hardwood. 

However, you should keep an eye on the birds in your garden too. They may be eating your seeds, and, in this case, you will have to replant them. It might be worth considering covering your garden with bird netting to prevent this from happening again.

Rabbits and Deer

Animals can destroy your garden in the blink of an eye. You could try planting rabbit resistant plants or spraying your crop with deterrents. However, these are only short-term solutions. For best results, use fencing to keep animals out and make sure it goes below ground level. 

Invest some time in your garden this year, be patient and watch it flourish!


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