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The Ferrex FS-ARM 4040 cordless lawn mower will be available as a Special Buy in Aldi from 30 May 2021, both in-store and online.

With a 40cm cutting width, this large cordless model is best suited to medium-to-large lawns of more than 150sq m, and you can either collect the clippings in the grass collection box or use the mulching setting. It’s at the cheaper end of the scale for a cordless mower, but does that mean it’s lacking in features?

Read our first look review of the Aldi Ferrex FS-ARM 4040 cordless mower to find out what we thought of it.

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Aldi’s Ferrex FS-ARM 4040 cordless mower: what you get

Considering it costs less than £100, this cordless mower has a long list of features that aren’t to be sniffed at. These include:

  • 40cm cutting width – this is wide enough that you won’t struggle to make your way around a larger lawn in a relatively short period of time.
  • Six cutting height positions – depending on how long your grass is, you can choose between a range of cutting heights from 25 to 75mm.
  • 45-litre grass collection box – this is about standard for a mower this size, and should cover a significant chunk of lawn before it needs to be emptied.
  • 3,500rpm blade speed – most mowers we test operate at this speed, so this is pretty good considering this model’s low price.
  • Mulching plug – instead of collecting grass clippings in the grass box, you can choose to redistribute them back onto your lawn instead.

It’s operated by a 40V lithium-ion battery, which takes just over an hour and a half to reach full charge. The battery and charger aren’t included in the price of this mower though, so you will have to pay an extra £45 if you don’t already have a compatible battery at home.

It only weighs 13kg, which is pretty light given its relatively hefty size and makes it nice and easy to manoeuvre. It also has a carry handle to help you move it around, plus the handles fold down so it won’t take up too much space in your shed or garage.

Head to our guide on how to buy the best lawn mower for more hints and tips on picking the best model for your garden.

Other cordless lawn mowers worth considering

If this Aldi mower isn’t quite ticking all the boxes for you, we recently tested a handful of cordless mowers that could also be worth looking at.

McGregor MCR2132, £100

This cordless McGregor mower is only slightly more expensive than the Aldi model but has a narrower 32cm cutting width, making it a good choice for smaller gardens.

It has a rear roller to help you create a neat striped finish and five cutting heights between 25 and 65mm. The 30-litre grass collection box is on the small side, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if your lawn isn’t huge.

Sounds like it could be a good fit? Read our full McGregor MCR2132 lawn mower review to see how it fared in our rigorous lab tests. 

Worx WG743E.1, £255

This mid-sized Worx mower is powered by two 20V lithium-ion batteries that can be used interchangeably in other 20V Worx gardening tools.

The 40cm cutting width means it’s worth considering if you’ve got a medium-to-large lawn, and you can choose from six cutting heights from 20mm to 80mm. The grass collection box can hold up to 45 litres of clippings.

Head to our complete Worx WG743E.1 cordless mower review to find out if this mower is good at cutting all types of lawn. 

Cobra MX51S80V, £540

It’s much pricier than the other models featured here, but this mower has a whopping 51cm cutting width so it can tackle even large lawns effortlessly. It weighs 29kg but is self-propelled to make it a little easier to push.

The 60-litre grass collection bag is one of the bigger ones we’ve seen, or you can use the mulching feature to redistribute the clippings onto your lawn. There are seven cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm.

Wondering whether this cordless mower is a worthy investment? Head to our full Cobra MX51S80V review to find out.

Aldi Ferrex Cordless Lawn Trimmer – £50

Aldi Ferrex Cordless Lawn Trimmer

Aldi’s Spring event also sees the launch of a very reasonably priced cordless grass trimmer (only £20 if you already own an Aldi 20v battery. Some of the features on offer include:

  • Blade cutting system – we find these break less often than a standard line in our tests.
  • Rotating cutting head – to help you find the best trimming angle.
  • Plant guard – for protecting your borders while you cut.
  • Telescopic handle – great for taller users.

It also comes with a generous three year warranty (two years for the battery). If you buy the battery too, it can be used in any other cordless garden tool from Aldi.

We tried out this trimmer to see if it’s worth buying. See what our experts thought by reading our full Aldi Ferrex Cordless Lawn Trimmer review.


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