7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger


We’re not all lucky enough to have a big, luxurious bedroom. But even if your boudoir is on the small side, there are plenty of interior design hacks to give the illusion of space – ranging from simple decorative features to a full interior makeover.

So, let’s explore some small bedroom ideas for making your slumber space feel more expansive.

Choose your palette wisely

There’s nothing wrong with a little individuality, but expect darker coloured walls to make your bedroom feel smaller than it is. On the flipside, creams, whites and paler colours make any room feel brighter, airier and larger. This doesn’t have to be limited to just paintwork, it can also extend to furniture. Though, don’t be afraid to use some darker accents, pillows or duvet covers, for example, just so long as they aren’t too dominant in the decor.

Cut out the clutter

By clutter we don’t just mean the dirty clothes on the floor or the pile of paper on the desk. We also mean anything, furniture or decoration included, that just feels unnecessary or overbearing. So, if your bedside table is awash with stuff, put it in the drawers. If your walls are chock-a-block with paintings, maybe opt for one or two bold statement pieces instead. If you have not one, but two chairs in your bedroom, consider if you really need them. These decisions can help trim the fat from your small bedroom and give it room to breathe. Not only that, but the remaining pieces in your room will only speak louder now they don’t have to shout from the crowd of clutter.

Smart storage

So, you’ve had a clearout, but where does everything go now? That’s where smart storage comes in. Whether it’s pull-out drawers from under your bed, stylish floating shelves, or a multi-purpose piece of furniture which doubles as a seat, table and storage unit, there are many innovative ways to store smartly. This ranges from the simple, such as hanging shoe pouches to go inside your wardrobe, all the way to a bespoke fitted wardrobe that maximises on potential storage space – which brings us onto the next point.

Mirror mirror

It’s an age-old trick, but one that really works. Hanging mirrors really does give the illusion of a larger space, as they fool the eye into perceiving greater depth in the room. They also reflect light back into a space, giving it a bigger, brighter appearance.

Fitted furniture

When buying furniture for a small bedroom, it can be a nightmare finding the perfect fit. And at the end of the day, furniture shouldn’t be cumbersome – rather, it should fit seamlessly into the space and not get in the way. Unfortunately, this can be hard to achieve in smaller boudoirs. That’s why bespoke fitted furniture can be a godsend – not only is each piece crafted to suit your space, but it can also add a bit of value to your property. Here at Ebberns, we can create bespoke fitted furniture for any size or shape of room – this is especially helpful for awkwardly-shaped rooms, for example lofts or attics, as the shelves or wardrobes can be created to fit the slopes and angles perfectly.

Smaller and simpler decor

Everyone has their own personal taste. Though, if you’re determined to make your bedroom look more spacious, there are certain no-go decor choices. It may seem obvious, but bigger and heavier items of furniture will take up more room in your boudoir, making the whole room seem smaller than it is. For example, heavy curtains and an ostentatious headboard may not be the best choice for a bedroom with little space to spare. Instead, choose lighter, smaller and simpler choices, such as sleeker window dressings or minimalistic headboards. There are still ways to show personality through flourishes and colour choices that don’t sacrifice on space.

Professional bedroom design

Think it’s time for a change but want to stay put in your beloved abode? A professional bedroom design service can help you work with what you’ve got. They’ll use virtual reality images and CAD drawings to conceptualise a bespoke bedroom design and layout that works for you. They can instantlly pinpoint the best features of your room and utilise them to create a spacious, stylish bedroom regardless of the actual square footage.


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