3 Tips to Make your Bathroom More Appealing


You have taken a big, exciting step in life (or maybe it’s the 100th time you’ve done it)… you’ve moved into a new apartment, house, bungalow, whatever it may be—now it’s time to decorate!

For a lot of us the bathroom is probably the room that gets the least amount of attention when it comes to designing; shower curtain and a bathroom mat! Done. Let’s take a look at some awesome ideas you can try out at home, making even the shortest bathroom trip a pleasant one.

Taking a Contemporary Approach

Now this can be executed in a number of ways, but one way that may stand out is implementing the use of bold contrasts between a palette of no more than 3 colors, and one pattern; this can be stone or brick, you may be able to use some of the things you already have.

Choose one of those colours to act as a main colour of the room, the other two as the accenting colours. Lighting is especially important in this modern approach, but it should not be overdone. A light up mirror acting as the backdrop for a make-up table is a stylish way to lighten up the room, and it’s practical.

Creating a Transitional Bathroom

This would mostly be seen in the master bathroom, however it’s very simple to do, and makes the bathroom more appealing; you more than likely already have just about everything you need to do it!

For the core color of the room, you can opt for the color that was used in your master bedroom, or select a different leading color but implement the other for accenting. While you can look at it as a continuation from your bedroom, you should still bring something new to the bathroom. Perhaps some tiling around the mirror(s); use a color scheme that matches the paint colors.

This will introduce a new style to the bathroom while maintaining the transitional approach, and you have created a lovely focal point for the room.

Keeping it Simple, but full of Style

Instead of starting off with just paint, you can go for a fun and stylish wall paper design, and keep it simple from that point on. Or if you don’t want that much going on with the walls, using the wallpaper on just one wall to accent the room is also a great option.

Look into a gingham print (similar to plaid), and pair it with a contrasting color, whether it is your floor or the other walls. Implement simple furniture into the bathroom (a side table with a mirror placed on top). Maybe place some beautiful summery flowers in the bathroom also; it would really tie it all together nicely!

There are so many other options out there, but these are just a few starting ideas that you can run with. When you think about it, your bathroom should be one of the best looking rooms in the whole house; it’s the most visited by your guests! So take some time and spruce it up a bit, you won’t regret it.


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