Great Reasons to Add an En-Suite Bathroom


Bathrooms are a necessity. All homes need a bathroom, but if you have kids, you will know just how frustrating it can be in the morning when a queue forms outside of the bathroom door.

Teenagers are the worst offenders: they seem to think it is perfectly okay to spend half an hour standing in the shower, followed by a further ten minutes perfecting their beauty routine. It wouldn’t matter if you are enjoying a lie-in, but if it is a Monday morning and you are already running late, it’s no laughing matter. So what’s the answer?


Problem Solving

Making room for an en-suite shower or bathroom is a great way of solving the bathroom overcrowding problem. Having an en-suite adjacent to your bedroom means you can use the facilities at your leisure without booking a slot in the morning rush hour.

An en-suite gives you the freedom to enjoy a nice, leisurely soak in the bath or a long, hot shower, without another family member banging on the door screaming that they can’t wait any longer! Instead you can light some scented candles, pick a nice relaxing mix on the iPod, and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Adding an en-suite can add value to a property as long as you are not sacrificing an existing bedroom in the process. Many modern homes come with an en-suite as standard, but older properties rarely do, so installing an en-suite shower or bathroom will make your property more desirable when you come to sell at a later date.

Planning an en-suite bathroom can be tricky as ideally the room needs to be close to existing plumbing and the soil pipe. However, it isn’t the end of the world if this is not the case, but do be prepared to pay more.

Size Matters

Since most en-suites are on the smaller size, it is important to plan the layout very carefully. You need to make sure there is enough room between each piece of bathroom furniture, including any Best Heating designer radiators you install. If space is at a premium, fitting a bath won’t be an option, but if you do have the space, a beautiful claw footed bath would add a touch of luxury to the design.

How to Accommodate an En Suite

If you have an adjacent cupboard, this would be the ideal place to install an en-suite bathroom. Alternatively, you could use some of your existing bedroom floor space to create a small shower room. Another option is to take some of the floor space from an adjacent bedroom, but be careful you don’t end up with a room that is too small.

Use a Reputable Installer

Unless you are an expert DIY enthusiast, the only way to have a new en-suite bathroom installed is to employ the services of a qualified bathroom fitter. The best way to find a reputable person is to ask friends and family for recommendations, but if you don’t know anyone, obtain a few quotes before choosing a fitter – but do make sure you check his references and qualifications before you hand over any money.


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