Best Fencing For A Dog Pen


A typical fence for a dog pen is 4.5ft high. However, if you’re a lover of handbag pooches this can obviously be reduced.  Equally, larger, more energetic dogs may need taller fencing (5-6”) to put them off trying to get over altogether.

Professionals suggest that the earlier you introduce your dog to the fence, the more respect and obedience it will show in time. Thereby, when getting a puppy, it would be wise to get the pen too at the same time.

The Groundwork

Puppies tend to try to go under, rather than over a fence during their early days. Bury the fence several inches into the soil, or use concrete along the perimeter to safeguard against this. There is also the option of laying the pen on concrete slabs puts a stop to digging altogether.

The Materials

You will want strong wood that you don’t mind getting scratched up. Consequently, go for a balance between affordability and the quality of the wood. You don’t want to pay out thousands for fencing that then get scratched to pieces. Equally, you don’t want to skimp on the fence and find that the dog breaks through.

The dog pen itself will vary upon the size of the dog, but owners would be better to choose a rectangular shaped pen on the basis that your dog is able to move up and down the run a little bit to stretch their legs.

Chain Link Fencing

Familiar in American back gardens, chain link fencing also offers a solution for dog fencing. The wire basis of this fence means it will withstand your pet’s scratches. Be careful about chewing if you opt for a rubberised chain link fence – your pet could enjoy chewing through, and then escape if not checked regularly.

Chain link won’t require wood staining every few years making for a minimal maintenance solution. It should work out more economical too, being available from most common hardware stores. It also doesn’t obstruct the view too much whilst a solid wood fencing would, and the diamond shaped wiring of chain link fencing means it is more difficult to climb (note, not impossible though!) However, the open sight nature of chain link fencing could mean your pet has more distractions and temptations outside of the pen, adding to your dog’s urge to get out or, be teased by children.

In all, the intricacies of dog pen fencing will be decided upon your particular breed. You want to make sure it allows for your dog to rest in a comfortable zone meaning you can then rest in a reasonably comfortable garden!


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