The Best Way To Create More Bedrooms In Your Property


Whether you’re expecting an additional family member that you’ll need to make room for or you’re simply looking for space to make your guests feel more comfortable when they’re staying over, an extra bedroom can be a much-needed addition to the family home. In fact for some, it can be life changing.

Adding an extra bedroom however won’t just make your living situation easier, it can also pay dividends in terms of your property’s value. Adding an additional bedroom will most certainly add a very sizeable chunk to your property’s current value and when done well, has been known to increase a property’s value anywhere from 20% upwards. 

How Should I Add A Bedroom?

Of course, the increase in value will depend on your property’s current value as well as your current number of bedrooms and of course, your area. It will also depend greatly on how you intend on adding that bedroom. 

There are numerous ways you can add a bedroom onto a property. You can of course get a house extension in London however this not only requires a huge amount of construction work and cost, it also means taking valuable outside space and reducing your garden’s size. 

Some also consider halving an extra large bedroom and turning it into two or creating another bedroom from an office or garage downstairs, however this doesn’t always suit family living.

There is a way however to add a bedroom without taking already valuable space and that’s through a loft conversion.

Loft Conversions Are The Perfect Solution

Many people opt for Loft conversions in London which can provide homes with an extra bedroom, or two in some cases – depending on the size of the loft space you already have and of course, the type of conversion you opt for. In terms of construction, once again depending greatly on the type of loft conversion you have, you’re looking at a far more straight forward option than the likes of a side extension. 

You’re also more than likely to see a far bigger yield on your investment. With loft conversions being around the £20-£30k mark (this is an average and will change depending on the size and type of conversion you choose) you can expect to see a much bigger profit margin with regards to property value than you would with a regular extension or simply moving home.

It’s also worth noting that a great deal of loft conversions can be completed without the need for planning which not only saves in terms of cost but saves in terms of time too. 

Contact Clapham Construction Service

Loft conversions are by no means a quick fix. They’re a large amount of construction however when compared to other options for adding extra bedroom space, they’re far easier and much more cost-effective. Using a company who specialise in such construction will also make life much easier. We suggest contacting the likes of Clapham Construction Service who’ve become one of London’s leading loft conversion specialists. Call today on 0203 950 7957.


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