How to Transform your Bathroom into a Luxury Spa


When designing bathrooms, homeowners typically prioritise function, with style falling short. Although this room’s practicality is critical, the aesthetic, comfort, and ambience doesn’t need to be compromised. In fact, you can turn this space into an at-home spa perfect for indulging in self-care.

To help you create the ultimate bathroom experience, here are six luxury features worth investing in. 


Cosy Lighting

room’s lighting can make or break the vibe. While bright overhead lighting can
trigger alertness, soft, warm lighting can soothe you. Investing in layered or
dimmed lighting will allow you to adjust the room’s brightness to suit the
desired mood. 

To fully capture a spa ambience with lighting, fit a chromotherapy light system in your bath, which uses colour therapy to evoke positivity and promote healing. Also, don’t undervalue the atmospheric effect of candles.  

Deluxe Bathing

If you have the budget to invest in new fixtures, bring luxury into the bathroom with a free-standing bath with jacuzzi settings and a rainfall showerhead.

If you enjoy listening to music or podcasts in the bathroom, get a showerhead with a built-in speaker so you can clearly hear it over the running water. 

Efficient Heating  

is a huge factor in creating a relaxing space as it’s impossible to relax if
you’re shivering cold. Underfloor heating evenly distributes heat through a
room for utter cosiness. 

With smart heating controls, you can remotely schedule the central heating to warm up the bathroom so when you return home from work, it’s already toasty for you to enjoy a bath.

Smart Toilet

Fitting smart toilets make using the lavatory more comfortable due to the heated toilet seat, saving you from the shock of sitting on a cold seat during winter. Smart toilets also wash you with water sensors after use, flush automatically, and has a deodoriser to keep the room smelling fresh. 

If you don’t want to replace your entire toilet, Washloo, the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand offer attachable seats to fit onto your existing fixture. 

Natural Elements 

indoor plants in your bathroom replicates the vibe of a tropical oasis.
Greenery helps you feel connected to nature which can relieve stress and induce
relaxation too. 

Incorporating soft and natural wood accents, which may be in the form of flooring, wall panels, or cabinets, also creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere and emulates a sauna décor. 

Calming Colours

colour scheme of a room should be a significant consideration when decorating
as it can hugely influence your emotions. 

colours like orange, purple, and red are overly energising for a relaxing
bathroom. To create a serene mood, opt for light colours such as duck egg blue,
blush pink, and eggshell. 

your bathroom to create a tranquil sanctuary is a worthy investment, especially
if it’s where you get ready for the day ahead and unwind before going to sleep.
Implementing these changes will provide you with the perfect place to


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