Design Features in the Bedroom: What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2021?


During 2020 a lot of people spent more time at home due to the pandemic, and so it was actually a very big year for home design. Living spaces suddenly held much more importance as homes had to serve more functions; they became offices, classrooms, and gyms too. As a result, people began to address their design desires, and homes received upgrades. 

As normal life resumes, the pandemic still has a number of effects on a person’s daily life and likely will for a while. For example, people are still spending a lot more time in their homes. Most people put off redecorating their bedrooms till last as it is not often a room that many other people see. But bedrooms are meant to be sanctuaries and so getting them right is important. 

If you are considering redecorating your bedroom this year, read on for all the trends you need to fulfil your bedroom’s potential. 

Colour Trends

Sage green is a colour that is quickly growing in popularity. It is calming, soft and rather sophisticated. It is an elevated grown-up version of green essentially. It pairs well with other softer colours such as pale yellow, pastel pink, or cream. It is a very popular colour for bedroom textiles such as bedding, throws, pillows, and upholstery. In fact, softer colours, in general, are all the rage for this year. Things like lavender, mushroom or grey are experiencing a boon too. 

If lighter colours are not for you, there are options on the other end of the spectrum too. Colours that emulate rural landscapes have begun to take off too. Think deep reddish browns, ochre, or even charcoal black. Earthy tones are also popular because they can make a room feel cosier and more intimate, which is a little different than the effect of the soft colours, which open a room up more and make it feel lighter and airier.

Bed Frames

More dramatic bedroom designs are trending, and this has given rise to a resurgence of the canopy bed frame. Historically these canopy bed frames have been a little over the top, with reams of extra fabric draping elegantly over them. The modern iterations are still elegant, but they have a more stylish edge to them as now they are simply a frame without the extra unnecessary fabric. Take iron canopies as an example, they are elegant and stylish without being over the top, and they still let the light in. If you do opt for an iron frame, the trick is to go for white bedding to offer a strong contrast and help you achieve a clean, modern look. 


Canopies are not the only vintage bedroom feature that is making a comeback. Screens have seen a recent re-popularisation too. They are great for dividing space or creating privacy. They often give a bedroom an old-world feel, and they can even be sued to create a unique headboard. 

Stick on murals are also having a moment this year. Temporary decals or wallpaper are ideal for rented homes or anywhere that frequently needs redecorating. They are an incredibly popular way to make a statement, and you can get a mural of almost anything, especially as some companies offer custom options.


Built-in wardrobes have maintained their popularity for many years, and there is no change in sight. They provide an abundance of storage opportunities; all of the space is used effectively, which often wouldn’t be possible with a free-standing option. They are easy to update; if you already have one, you can just get a set of new doors, and they are like new again, meaning they are easy to match to your aesthetic. In some cases, built-in wardrobes can add value to a property because the hard work is done for the next occupants. Online Bedrooms offer a range of DIY fitted and built-in wardrobes that are made to measure and delivered in a few short weeks; they also have options to suit most budgets.


Earthy hues aren’t only a popular colour trend; it spills over into textures too. Natural textures are a big trend this year. They can make a bedroom feel more comforting. Fabrics like linen or cotton are popular bedding options, and wicker, wood and rattan are popular furniture options

On the Other Hand

Several other trends are on their way out, and some may be thinking it’s about time! Firstly, matching bedding, curtains and pillows are on their way out. Too much matching is not popular anymore; it makes a bedroom feel impersonal, a bit sort of cookie-cutter-esque. Instead, a more personalised approach is desired. 

Accent walls are limiting, and the trend is quickly becoming rather passe. They dictate the colour scheme and limit choices, and, in some instances, they can make rooms look smaller. Opt for a piece of wall art or a statement headboard as an alternative.

Raw edges and metal finishes that categorise the style of industrial design are quickly moving out of fashion. This is because they can make a room feel cold and a little unfinished, whereas a bedroom is meant to be warm and inviting. So it is likely that this style will give way to a more plush finish.

And lastly, as an extension of the matching trends, bedside tables and bedside lamps need not match anymore. More and more people are opting to include eclectic mismatching bedside furniture. It injects a sense of whimsy and fun, and it feels less clinical. Some people are forgoing bedside lamps in their entirety and instead choosing wall sconces. 

In Conclusion

The bedroom is where most people start and end their day; it is a safe place of rest and relaxation, with many people choosing to spend most of their free time in their bedrooms as opposed to other areas in the home. And so, the better designed it is, the more you will enjoy the time you spend there. 

That being said, your bedroom should be your personal oasis, and so the trends that you choose to include should also fit into your personal style; after all, you are the one that will have to live with it.


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